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These Sunbonnet Sue applique patterns are provided for non-commercial use. You may print them, share them with your friends and create your own sunbonnet projects. Permission is granted to use these patterns in "non-online" classes or to be reprinted in guild newsletters that are not printed online. When doing so, must be recognized as the source of the pattern. For more information, please visit

Grandmother's Sue
It is a perfect pattern for someone making their first Sunbonnet Sue.  All the curves are gentle and easy to turn under. Click here for free pattern >>

Sue Loves Balloons!
Here is a pattern for a basic Sunbonnet Sue. The dress is a simple triangle with an arm, shoe and bonnet. Click here for free pattern >>

Old-fashioned Sue
This block is also very simple. Sue's hand and sleeve are cut from the same fabric. Her bonnet is a smaller than other versions. Click here for free pattern >>

Oriental Sue
This block shows Sue from the Orient. Her clothes are sewn from beautiful Oriental fabrics. Embroidery stitches are used to add the sleeves and oriental frog enclosures at the neck. Click here for free pattern >>

October Sue
This block shows Sue dressed in Fall colors with a black cat. The whiskers of the cat are drawn on with a pen. Click here for free pattern >>

Sue with Flowers on her Bonnet
Her Sue is dress in some beautiful purple fabrics with a unique shaped bonnet. Silk ribbon embroidery flowers make this block a standout! Click here for free pattern >>

Wind-Swept Sue
Here Sue looks a little older and her dress is being blown by the wind. Lace trim at her sleeves and shoe accent her short-sleeved dress. Click here for free pattern >>

Machine Embroidery Sue
Here a basic Sue block is transformed with some decorative machine stitching. It wouldn't fit into the scan, but there is even a duck on the background. Click here for free pattern >>

WindBlown Sue
Here Sue is out on a rainy, blustery day. The wind is blowing so hard from the back of her, you can see the outline of her backside, and her dress is all blowing out in front. Her umbrella has blown inside out. Click here for free pattern >>