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Feel free to browse this extensive list of custom costumes and resources for Halloween costumes for kids and adults. For additional Halloween costume resources and patterns, please visit here. >>

Ten Tips for Sewing Halloween Costumes courtesy of

1.  Costumes don’t necessarily need to be as perfect as clothing or other projects you sew. Decide whether you want your costume beautifully sewn right down to the last detail, or if you’d rather achieve the overall effect quickly.

2. Inexpensive fabrics are usually fine for costumes.

3.  Since many costume fabrics are either sheer and filmy, or thick and plush, choosing a machine needle that is the appropriate type and size will help you sew these fabrics.

4.  Pinking shears are great for cutting out costumes – a pinked edge is often just enough of a seam finish.

5.  Add trims, appliqués, and other embellishments to dress up your costumes so they make a strong impact.

6.  Most trims can be easily sewn onto costumes using a zigzag stitch.

7.  Because costumes are often viewed from a short distance (and not always close up), design elements and embellishments should be exaggerated.

8.  To put your costume together more quickly, consider using fusible hem tapes, spray adhesives to temporarily hold trims or appliqués in place, and fusible tapes for basting in zippers.

9.  Machine accessories such as a rolling foot, a walking foot, and a Teflon foot will help you sew on slick, rubbery, or piled fabrics.

10.  Glue guns can be a big help when making props and accessories such as fairy wings, royal crowns, and witch’s hats. Some parts will need to be sewn; other parts can often be glued.

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