- Sewing resources from beginner to advanced.
Are you new to sewing, an intermediate sewer or advanced seamstress looking for sewing tips and ideas? Are you needing help on starting your quilting or embroidery project? has many resources for teaching you how to sew, quilt and more - from beginner to advanced. We also offer a sewing blog, sewing machines and sewing accessories, sewing cabinets, sewing books, sewing links, sewing & fashion news, sewing instructional videos, free sewing patterns and much more!
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  1. Sewing Books
    1. A great resources if you are looking for any type of magazine, book or video on sewing, quilting, fabric, embroidery and more.
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    1. Sewing machines, sergers and sewing accessories are avaliable.
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    1. Current and up to date news on sewing education, sewing trends, sewing tips and resources.
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